Klec na penis ManCage Model 03 černá

pás cudnosti pro muže 120 mm

Kód: 180139

Control or be controlled, that’s the question! Specify clearly when your partner can masturbate or have sex contact. This black chastity cock cage gives you full control over your partner’s sexual life. The inside diameter of the cage is 3.5 cm and length 12 cm. Podrobný popis

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Klec na penis ManCage Model 03 černá

Klec na penis ManCage Model 03 černá

pás cudnosti pro muže 120 mm

999,00 Kč
Není skladem


The Shots ManCage is made of high quality material and prevents touching your genitals for sexual satisfaction. ManCage gives the key holder full control over the wearer’s sex life.

Different sizes of rings and fasteners in each package allow you to adjust the size of the chastity belt exactly to suit your needs. Cage is made from black polycarbonate, which is very light, solid, durable, hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. When used with tie-wrap lock the cage will not trigger a metal detector alarm such as at offices or airports.

The cage consists of three parts which fit perfectly. The two guide pins connect the upper part and the oval cone connects the cage rings. When wearing the cage, hygiene is very important so the cage is equipped with a variety of vents and a urination opening.

Packed in a luxury box containing:

  • 1 penis cage – length 12 cm, inner diameter 3.5 cm
  • 4 rings of different outside diameters: 4.5 cm, 5 cm, 5.5 cm, 6 cm
  • 4 different lengths of fasteners
  • 1 metal lock
  • 5 separate plastic locks


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EAN 8714273290618
Značka ManCage
Barva černá
Materiál polykarbonát
Odvaha uživatele (1–10) 😈 5
Originální název Shots ManCage Model 03 Black
Výrobce Shots
Hmotnost (g) 340
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